Monday, June 25, 2012

june 25, 2012.

i cannot believe it's already june 25. this month has flown by.

i haven't written in a couple of weeks, just to allow me some time to process everything that is going on in my life right now in order to reproduce it in an effective way.

first of all: atlanta. 
i love it here. last week i was talking with my little myra [who by the way is AMAZING and is working so hard at her BIG GIRL JOB!!], and we were talking about all this new stuff in our new places of residence. how it's a little more difficult to re-create community for ourselves, while still working and being independent. but i do love it. i have zero excuse to not do anything. there are things happening every weekend, new places to visit every day if i wanted, new people that i have met each week. i really do love it here. for all these reasons and more.

atlanta is becoming home. i am finding short-cuts, favorite parts of town, and learning how to get through traffic without a mild headache. 

second: NightLight.
it's hard for me to begin talking about this part of my life. there are so many things that go through my mind every day. a simple update would be merely impossible, but nevertheless, i press on and will attempt it :)

the little babes at kids club are beginning to remember me and i am remembering their sweet names and faces clearer every week. sometimes we get to have wonderful little conversations about sparkled shoe laces and ice cream and how they went to connecticut once, and other times we just sit together holding hands. i love hearing them sing the worship songs. there is nothing more beautiful than a child who has faith.

outreach is always heavy. friday night we were on a track i am becoming familiar with. there are sweet moments of quite with the Lord in this place. i stood on the front steps of a brothel turned hotel, and we lifted up songs and prayers for the people inside. when you hear from the Lord, and you speak into someone's spirit, you see the purpose of this ministry.

it's so hard to fully express what it is life until you are there. so many women just want someone to look into their eyes and see them, really see them. see their intelligence and their potential. like Jesus would.

yet during this time, i am learning more than i could have ever imagined about myself.
God has opened my eyes to so much more about himself and about how he sees me. i am 
learning the relationship i have with the Holy Spirit and being connected to Him
and the power and might i can display through using that relationship.

i pray everyday to do far greater things. 

third: marathon.
will and i ran 11 miles friday morning. i was totally mentally prepared because that is the longest training run i did for the half marathon. of course, will smoked me, but that's fine. we ran at the silver comet trail in smyrna. which is a beautiful place to run and not see that many people. lots of bikers and not a lot of places to stop and get h2o. and i have never trained this hard core in the summer heat by the way. it's a whole new world and i don't know if it's my favorite thing. but i persevere. and we will be awesome. 

oh and a BIG thing for anyone trying to do a long run/ race/ whatever. get good socks! i was having some weird blister issues and so will and i went to REI and got me some awesome Iron Man socks that prevent blisters and excess moisture. i HIGHLY recommend getting some like that for running!

fourth: life according to the iPhone

 best gauc ever...

so this picture...

will's grandfather gave it to me :) because he calls me miss america ;) i didn't complain

dinner with Mark and Britt in bham! at Chuy's

 passion city church: summer in the city

 this was our pre 11 mile dinner at this awesome greek restaurant. too much food. 

our favorite yogurt place! this was pistachio frozen yogurt. 

night light mentor training.

may blessings be poured upon you from heaven!

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