Friday, June 29, 2012

knock you naked.

it has been quite some time since i last baked something and actually took the time to document my efforts for the ole blog. this week will was having an especially hard week at work, so i decided to take the opportunity to make something new and encourage my favorite person with his favorite.


yet, i was having a dilemma. do i make the go to Martha's brownies or do i step out on a little adventure of my own and create something new....

seeing that i enjoy risks and new adventures, i chose to make something new. so this is what happened.
a twist on three different recipes. and they still need a name {comment with a suggestion:)}

i have always been a BIG fan of The Pioneer Woman {remember "the bread"?}. well, she made an adaptation to one of her favorite brownies and so i did the same with hers. They are called Knock You Naked brownies. with good reason, i might add. 

so i made these babies with a twist. and they will also, knock you naked. 

Grandmama calls them "sin". 

  most of the time i shy away from a box... but this time it alright! you use one box of German Chocolate Cake mix....

one stick of butter, melted.

one cup of finely chopped pecans... not a cup of pecans chopped... there is a difference :)

1/3 cup of evaporated milk.

then you mix all that goodness together until it looks like cookie dough/ brownie batter!
then in a separate bowl, mix 1/4 cup of nutella

with half a can of sweetened condensed milk and set it aside. 

get a 9 x 9 or 8 x 8 pan and grease it realllly good. i used coconut oil for mine. 

and half the batter and press it down in the bottom of the pan. 

cook that puppy in a 350 degree oven for about 6 mins... and then pour that nutella goodness over it. 

take the remaining batter and a LARGE sheet of wax paper. put the batter on the paper and using another sheet, press out a square the size of your pan. place it on top {HINT: i didn't do it this way and i wish i would have... this idea is hindsight.}

after about 26 more minutes in the oven.. you get this baby!

its so YUMMY! but dont eat it yet. save it. 

let it cool all the way, and then generously cover it with powdered sugar! 
then enjoy!

{note: i think they are better the next day... }

hope you enjoy this little creation :)
and please... come up with a name for me after you try them!

much love. 

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