Friday, June 8, 2012

sleepin' in.

today i did something i haven't done in ages.

i slept in.

it may have been the food coma i was in last night from an AMAZING mexican dinner with will, or the fact that i will be up kinda late tonight doing the "lawd's work."

but my body needs to be rested and free from the temptation to get all sleepy/tired/narcoleptic tonight. no attacks from satan here...


today i was filling out a form to submit to this nice little nannying website. 
i thought it sounded a little sketchy, but how else do you find nannying jobs?
i have asked around a little here and there, but i decided it really wouldn't hurt. 
because i deeply miss my kids back in auburn. i miss keeping my babies and dancing in the kitchen to the allman brothers. 
i miss swinging and playing games with tubberware. 
so i am looking for a nannying job- part time. so if you know someone in my area... holler at your girl.

but anyways, i was filling out this form and it asked me what my favorite children's books were. 
that is a dangerous question for me... especially when you are limited to about 800 characters. 
i remember reading a lot of books... or i mean having a bunch of books read to me by my loving kindergarten teaching mother. 
but i recalled about four that struck my little heart once again.

forever will love dr. seuss and all his marvelous works of literature. kids will never tire these out. this one especially.

another beautiful yellow cover. i think i read this book about a million times at Mamaw's house. 

mom read this to me often. i got to read it to Ellabug just as much. it's a classic.

and finally this gem. 

last night we were in Barnes and Nobel and if my blood sugar had not been in the pits, i think we would stayed for about 6 hours. literally. that's one thing will and i share, the love of a good book. my choices are probably a little more "hipster" like some good C.S Lewis, which i would categorize as a classic, but whatever...

well, i am off to read another new book called Freedom Tools... book number for in the past month. 

may God bless and keep you.


And a HARVEST OF RIGHTEOUSNESS is sown in PEACE by those who make PEACE.
james 3:18

in the FEAR OF THE LORD one has STRONG confidence, and his children will have refuge.
proverbs 14:26

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