Monday, February 1, 2010

half of my heart

tonight we went to tcby after a very intense workout at the gym. kimmy had called and asked us to join her, and who can turn down ice cream? not my friends. i couldn't bring myself to enjoy any because of my run. i would certainly seen the ice cream again if i did try to consume it. if you know what i mean. . .

i l o v e tcby. really i do. but tonight, our really amazing friend behind the counter just made me want to think twice before i go back. normally when someone asks you how you're doing, you answer cliche answers like "oh i am doing fine thank you" or "i'm well". but this sweet child decided to detail her last our for us. on and on and on. i mean there were people in line. waiting. but our dear friend behind the counter was very intent on explaining to us her life. l i t e r a l l y .

we were glad when we realized it was not a joke, for we were beginning to fear that it was some kind of prank tv show or something. as we were sitting at the table and other customers began to come in, we almost felt the responsibility to cry out to them begging them to turn back. or at least not ask our lovely friend how she was. however, we did not, and enjoyed hearing the story of her life being explained over again to these unknowing people. so watch out for this chick. she is captivating, yet not in a positive way. cannot wait for tcby again.

seeing that february has commenced today, i feel that this post will be a little longer than normal. i apologize and if you feel that you are not in need of a deeper, non comical subject, beware. you are entering uncharted areas of conversation. . .

something terrible happened this past week. something i am currently still processing and taking into understanding. my heart broke on thursday night when i was informed that one of my dear friend's father passed away in a car accident. the twelve o'clock phone call was unexpected and not welcome with open arms. no doubt my heart turned inside my chest as i heard those words. as one of my friends said it was some of the worst news i have heard in a long time. but i am reminded of Christ's love for us even in this tragedy. why? because there is peace even in the worst storms. God's peace is covering sweet Olivia and her siblings and mother. how fantastic and large and unreal is his love. we cannot escape it. i am praying for her family and if you read this, i am asking that you will too. Olivia is beautiful. her love for the Lord is shining through this seemingly trying time. blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

some things i have been thinking about. yay for thoughts.
1. it's okay to fall [for someone or something]. no need to be afraid. 2. being broken is okay, God is a professional "fixer uper". 3. rejoicing in all circumstances makes you a happier person. 4. be spontaneous when you want to. and not when you don't. 5. eat ice cream. 6. listen to your heart, because He who owns it will direct it. 7. be honest. 8. love never ever fails. 9. get me to haiti for spring break please. 10. i have the best best friends. period.

til tomorrow. .

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