Monday, May 31, 2010


i have been messing around on dad's computer this afternoon because it was been less than enjoyable weather today. looking through the photo's brought back some great memories from the past. my family has been so blessed to go on many adventures and trips together over the years.

a couple of my friends from auburn went on their own adventure this summer to jackson hole wyomming to work and live. i am immensely jealous of their opportunity to be in the amazing west and live in the mountains. my favorite.

so i was looking through pictures of my own adventures out west and i found where i wish i was.

then i found some other random pictures on the computer that i had no clue we even had.

this is also where i wish i was this summer. working. this is in silverton, CO. i love it there. we take a train there and it is positively picturesque.

or here...

the chicago "magnificent mile" at night.

all these pictures were taken by my camera or by mom's. so be impressed.

but this is what i have for you today. i just am kinda anxious to get out of montgomery and auburn. kinda ready for a change of scenery for a while. even the beach will be soooo welcome. even if it is just over a couple days.

anyways. more later!

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