Saturday, August 21, 2010

my word.

i am sitting in the candle lit apartment i now call home. my roommates just escaped into their beds and i, the narcoleptic, can not sleep. so, my blog was screaming my name, calling me to dig and pour. when harry met sally is playing via tivo, and the tyler candle company candle is burning brightly on the chest/ottoman/ coffee table. i am enjoying this sweet moment of alone time, and my mind has been ticking all night. it is amazing the release that you find when writing. it is therapy.

we went to a movie tonight called Eat, Pray, Love. julia roberts stars as liz, a painfully attractive woman in the middle age span of life who desperately searches for balance and peace. it is a seemingly "cute" movie, but the depth of the content honestly threw me for a loop. it is safe to say that i now want to be liz. and it is a fact that i am now obsessed with the movie.

i want to see, taste, and soak up the world around me. the cultures, the people, the language. gosh, that movie made me want to pack a bag and get on an airplane tomorrow morning and never come back. ever. there was something so moving and powerful about watching this woman , successful and seemingly happy, take a chance and go. she went to find herself. i want to find something a little different, but something is out there to be found.

through the movie liz finds words for the people she encounters. the movie is a picture of the journey to find the word for herself. i know what i want my word to be. not "what i do, but who i am." i know my identity is found in Christ. i want to be found as Him. i just thought that was a neat parallel.

but i know i will travel again. i know i will be back in africa. scenes of bali brought back memories of kampala. i want to ride in my taxi to my little french restaurants at night after a long day in the village. i want to share to gospel with people who have never heard. oh but the Lord is telling me to wait. grow where i am planted. i am. i am trusting and being patient.

well. a sudden spell of sleepiness just overcame me. i think i am going to call it a night and save more of my spillage for another day.

remember to eat. pray. and love. but love is most important:)

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