Tuesday, August 3, 2010

yes mam.

well. it's been a while.

so much stuff has been going on this month from weddings and celebrations of weddings, birthdays, balls, moving out, not really moving in, vacations, lots and lots of driving and school and nannying. this list could continue for quite some time.

but i have not blogged any of it. i wanted to take a little break from blog world. but now, sitting on the floor of my empty apartment, i felt the need.

this weekend my heart was overflowing with emotions. fears and apprehensive thoughts flooded my mind most of the time. i moved out of 36 completely and partially moved some things into 6305. it is exciting, but at the same time makes me nervous.
this semester is going to be different. different roommates (who i am so glad to be living with), different place to live, different friends to make, just a whole lot of different. i am excited, but a little nervous to see what the fall will bring.

but there were also emotions of joy and delight that only came from the Lord. cornerstone church was amazing on sunday. we are studying the attributes of God {based on the book by Tozer} and i cannot explain how excited this makes me. we are really digging deep into who God is, and although we will never fully comprehend Him, it is fascinating to watch His love unfold through these studies.

obviously all my followers know the passion i have for worship and that the Lord has instilled inside of me a great eagerness to share that passion for Him through music. another different thing about this semester is going to be helping lead worship for a small group. i have been praying for the past semester that the Lord would show my where i needed to plant my time and energy. that i could be used in a way that would glorify Him over all else. that i could use my talents and bless others at the same time.

my prayers we answered when i was asked to join this awesome group of lead worshipers on a journey to bring auburn students closer to the Lord. i know that the Lord planted me here in auburn for a reason, and this is part of His plan coming to fruition. i am beaming with eagerness to see where and what the Lord is going to being through this ministry. i have hear the greatest things, and an blessed to become a part of it.


oh i'm running to your arms
i'm running to your arms
the riches of YOUR love
will always be enough!
nothing compares to Your embrace
light of the World

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