Wednesday, August 18, 2010


there are so many things to update.

so many in fact i am not even sure where to being. i cannot think of a way to gingerly move into all the things that i have been doing, or that have been happening in my life. this is my own fault. i do know that. i have let this blog go, and all my avid readers (yes all three of you), have been so poorly abandoned. which i apologize for from the deepest parts of my heart.

so to begin my update on my life we will begin with living arrangements. i am moved in and almost all the way settled into the apartment. it has been so great having my own place to live and breathe. i not only have my own room, but i have my own bathroom as well. it is a great feeling, being able to call this place home (well home when i am not talking to mom and dad). it is looking more and more like a home. we just started a cross wall and are eager to add to it.

i have escaped teen pregnancy. that is right. i am now twenty years old, and an no longer in danger of becoming a teen mom. now when i have kids, i wont be a statistic. awesome.

also. finally, after a year of making promises about a half marathon, i am seriously doing one. thanksgiving day in atlanta. my uncle and i are going to do it together because we will be celebrating in atlanta this year, and it just seemed like the right thing to do. i am excited. today, sara and i ran for 30 minutes and covered 3.42 miles, which is a 8'50 pace. which is not bad considering the fact that i ran for all of about fifteen mins in the past two or so weeks. i am excited about getting back into running shape.

i started junior year today. it is very strange that i have been in auburn for three years. i was thinking about all the people i know and have met over the three year span. it is a lot of people. and a lot of memories. i am really looking forward to learning more this year and making more memories.

once again i am being reminded that i am supposed to grow where i am planted. tonight, we went to laredo's (our favored mexican restaurant) and i noticed this family that sat next to our table. oddly enough, i had seen the woman and her three small children at sam's club the previous afternoon. which i thought was sorta ironic for them to be sitting next to us.


after they finished eating and we were just talking around the table, i felt someone tap me on the shoulder. the woman was standing there with one of her sons and she asked me if i sang at cornerstone. she proceeded to explain that her daughter recognized me and she wanted to come tell me that i had blessed her with my singing. and that they were impacted by the worship we do at cornerstone.

i cannot tell you what an amazing moment that was for me. i don't know. she fact that someone was impacted by me just worshiping is so awesome. our God is amazing. He puts us just where we need to be at the right time. God has placed me in cornerstone for a reason, and that was made even more evident to me through that moment at laredo's.

my brain hurts. i want to tell so much on this blog tonight, however i am lacking in creativity and whit. i am embarrassed because i have such a lack for clever words and storied. they will come with time, but right now i am just struggling. i need inspiration.


i am taking my camera out to baby-sit with me tomorrow. i want to share ella with you. she is an angel.

with that i think i may go on to sleep. i have been slacking on the blog. and i apologize. deeply. but i do promise better blogs to come.

you can count on that.

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear what you are up to! It's so sweet of the Lord to arrange for you to meet that family, and hear how they are blessed by your worship and singing. Awesome!

Hope this is an amazing semester for you.