Friday, February 25, 2011


ella and i took some one year pictures the other day, and i was uploading them and thought about how much fun we had friday morning.

we jammed during breakfast. i had brought my computer to study for a test, and decided to play some music for miss Ella while she ate b'fast. the sweet child is a lot like me, she enjoys her good music. for example, we started with a little Allman Bros, which she enjoyed. i could tell by the kicking and clapping from her high chair.

we listened to a variety including Van Morrison, a little DMB, some Earth, Wind, and Fire (classic for dancing), and whatever else she was feeling.

it was fun. i felt like exposing her to quality before she gets too old and is blinded by pop culture "good" music [justin bieber anyone??]

she really loves her new toys she got for her birthday. this one makes ALL sorts of pleasant noises... :)

speaking of music...
my two wings had a show friday night. we did it really bluegrass-ey without drums. it was probably one of the better shows we've done. mainly because you could hear everything really well and tyler, jon, and i sang some sweet harmony.

here is a little bit of what we look like ....

good friends i have not seen in a long time visited and came to hear us. it made for a memorable night.


already conquered one test and one blog assignment this week. another massive test today. and i have a few things on the plate i need to finish this week, in preparation for the fun of next week....

but spring break is just around the corner.... this year for spring break 2011 i am SNOW bound to Vermont. more on that later....

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