Sunday, February 13, 2011

playing ketchup.

[[not actual ketchup mind you]]

well i cannot believe i have neglected you readers of my life for this long...

that is sad and ridiculous. but here i am, so i am sorry for the long season of silence. i know you've missed me.

this weekend i had the joy of created Ella's birthday cupcake-cake. i went home to hang out with the family and do somethings and made the cupcakes saturday morning.
Ella's mom asked me to make them and obviously, if you know about my baking obsession, you know i jumped at the opportunity.

Ella LOVED them. I have never seen a child literally suck a cupcake down as quickly as she did. she had a two hand grab on the cake and shoved it down her tiny throat.

it was such a sweet time as Ella is turning 1! Her parent's love for her is so evident. I only hope i can one day be like that...


among other things, this week is going to be CRAZY. lots of school, lots of sunshine, and lots of fun mixed all together. sometimes i wish there were about 4 more hours of sunlight during the day. i wake up early [as in 5:20] and then i work, then class, then whatever else the day brings. but i love this routine i am in.

i really love being this busy. I have things to work on and for.


i got to hang out with my amazing Dgroup girls this past weekend at Shocco Springs in 'Dega. It was AUMC Winter Retreat. I had the pleasure of leading a small group with some of the COOLEST kids in Auburn.
My 9 kids were from different grades at Auburn jr. high and high school and i was so impressed by their hearts for the Lord and everything they want to do with the blessings Christ has given them.

I learned more that weekend then I have in a long time. It was a great time with the Lord and pouring into kids of my community.


Kelsey came and visited me in Au a few weekend ago. It was so much fun and she is the best bama student i know. she came with me to the BCS Celebration, and endured the cold and "WAR EAGLE"s that were shouted in her ears. she was a trooper and i love her more than she ever will know. she is my sister.

oh yeah. and we ARE the CHAMPIONS.


I think i have not blogged in so long because i have been lacking in creativity. i have not been taking pictures. i have not been writing in journals of various subjects....all because of PR.

I have been blogging, interviewing, coming up with leads, shooting pictures, and traveling for my stories so much lately i have wasted all my creative energy on school.

but i guess that is not truly wasting.

but thanks to a wonderful random run-in with a friend [wink wink] i remembered there is a reason i blog.

i am thinking about posting a favorite things coming up soon. or baking something fun! we will see.

well i have to go write.

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