Tuesday, February 22, 2011

slowin' down.

tonight i decided to take a couple minutes to chill. just sit down and be still. since last saturday i have been a busy chick running around and being productive.

after a sunday of singing praises at cornerstone, which, by the way, was the absolute greatest sunday i have had in a long time, my week began.

from three projects, a test, dgroup, nannying, reading, a paper, and the schedule i like to keep, i was one busy girl. Not to mention farmhouse formal was this weekend, meaning preparations for that had to be done as well. which were not much, but involved laundry and packing, which for girls, can be quite a job.

formal was great and i have some fun pictures to share!

we had lots of fun on the riverboat...General Jackson or something like that. i really liked, no LOVED nashville. i would love to get to visit again sometime very soon! it wasn't a bad drive. and my roommates were there, which made it all the more better.
sweet kimmy has been sick with progressive pneumonia...which is terrible. we have been trying to keep her medicated and taken care of as much as possible. we don't want to see her end up in the hospital like she did when she was in high school. so if you think about miss kimmy, pray for her healing.


for winter retreat this year, sara and i decided it would be a great idea to buy a lot of candy for our family groups, however, the left-overs are ridiculous. we have a massive bowl that sits nicely on the kitchen table and entertains all who enter our door. one, because there are laffy taffty jokes...and we all know how i feel about those... remember that post? find it HERE!
but now the apartment is full of NERDs and SMARTIES! why? because that is exactly what we are....



also, when my sister went to NYC on a dance trip, look what she got me!

she is the best sister in the whole world. seriously. the WHOLE world. i am so thankful she will be here in a few months...it's crazy to think about.

well friends. until next time.

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