Thursday, February 24, 2011


good morning! as of right now, 6:20 a.m., i've been awake for an hour. every morning i wake up at either 5:20 or 5:40, depending on the day, and begin. i like to go to the workout room and do the machines. but i rarely find an opportunity to do so during the afternoon. so morning has become my friend.

i enjoy this time, it's separate from anyone else. believe me, it is hard to fine another college student in Auburn who is exciting about getting up this early every morning.

but i find when i begin my day with ease and with quite, the rest of my day follows. i have time to make breakfast, eat it, shower, workout, get my stuff together, blog occasionally [ha, first time] and begin my morning with the Lord. [obviously not in that order]

but i love it. i am turning into a mom though. i was in bed at 8:45 p.m and was asleep by 10 o'clock, only after reading and doing some homework. whatever. i am happy and am finding so much from these early mornings.

this is one of my favorite mornings. it was one of our last days in africa. we were in jinja and i have never seen such beauty like this. i have been to canyons and mountains and i have seen beautiful mornings, sure. but something about this african morning always brings joy to my heart. but also sadness. i miss africa greatly. i am praying the Lord will make a way for me to get back over there.

but these early mornings remind me of africa. i always woke up first. the cool air still floating through the windows, and the tropical birds chirping softly were always the best alarm. the cold tile on the bottom of my feet felt rejuvenating. the cold shower was nice, because it was steamy all day in the sun. i miss those mornings.

but now i am off to breakfast in my little kitchen. also, please pray for Kimmy, she went back to the doctor and they put her on an IV last night. pray that her strength will be restored and that her body will fight back against the pneumonia.

the Lord is the healer, the only good doctor, so i confidently remind you to pray for her. thank you.

good morning blog world, hope your day if filled with grace.

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