Friday, March 23, 2012


march madness does not just apply to basketball. because i only have a short amount of time until may, school work is beginning to take precedence in my schedule. i have been doing great on the whole "senioritis" thing, until spring break happened.

i think we have spring break just to be mean; just to tease.

but it's okay. there is always mercy amidst the madness.

i've learned new things about myself.  in the past couple weeks.

list time!
  1. i am a master paper cutter. 
  2. i love being a vegetarian. 
  3. i cannot wait to have a house to decorate/organize/be OCD about. even if it's small. i look forward to those events. 
  4. i like eating meals with someone.
  5. i don't mind driving
apparently this photo is somewhere in england. where ever, i want to be there. barefoot.

yesterday was the first day of spring! and i am enjoying this weather for the most part. makes running more enjoyable, and i don't have to wear JEANs! i hate jeans. 

speaking of spring... spring break re-cap. i can do a top 5 things about spring break i guess. 

once again, list time!

  1. Charlotte! got to meet W's family. it was spectacular. i don't remember the last time i've been to NC but we made a nice little day trip out of it. i was thankful for that little adventure. 
2.  hiking with Nat! got to go to this little mountain....sawnee mountain. it was about 15 mins from her house and i have never even been there before. it was a perfect morning with her. 

3. W and i got to spend lots of quality time together. that should actually probably be number one.   it was such a positive time for our relationship. 

4. grandparent time. wisest people i know. might be a little biased, but they're also the greatest grands in the world.

5. Intermezzo
we went to this little cafe one night. although W said he wouldn't try to tempt me with all the amazing desserts {because i gave them up for lent as well} but they have coffee and other wonderful cafe beverages. 

so i drank something called a Cafe Hazel {or heaven in a coffee cup} and made W taste his first ever coffee drink {#proud}. it was definitely top 5 moments of spring break. it stays open very late, so we stayed very late and enjoyed watching the interesting Atlanta nightlife. if you ever find yourself on peachtree... go there.

well i am off to the library for the morning. happy friday.

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