Friday, March 30, 2012

here i go again...

i need this for my life.

you all know how much i love to set goals for myself and how much i love lists... well i have been doing a lot of goal setting and list making to keep me on top of m game for school and other activities in life.

{side note}
i promised myself when i created this blog my freshman year, that i would not post things in a negative nature. i do not enjoy negativity, and especially negative people. over my last few posts, i have been pretty negative about school. why? i am so blessed to be in school and have a mind that works and to have a family that supports what i am doing. 
no need for me to complain. it may be hard; so what? life is hard.
it may be a lot: so what? things can always be more stressful.
too blessed to be stressed.
so my apologies. i don't like negative people....

back to it.
i have made a goal for each day when i wake up. a goal for school, a goal for people, a goal for myself. you get it. and each day, i find more productivity in my midst when i work to accomplish goals. small or big! because of this, school is going swimmingly. and i am really enjoying my projects. and i cannot wait to share them with you!

and so i thought i'd share this little list i made a few weeks ago, when i relaized i had 60 days until graduation....

so i am making a list. a list of things i want will to do in the next 60 days before i graduate. 
  1. i will finish 60 days of insanity
  2. i will an A on my final project 
  3. i will run at least 10 miles a week
  4. i will get a job for the summer in my choice city
  5. no meat (gave it up for lent)
  6. i will invest in relationships
  7. i will learn more of the mandolin

if you want to know my progress... here it is. 
1. haven't missed a day
2. workin' hard for my money
3. been more like 5... oops
4. interviews. interviews. interviews.... waiting, waiting, waiting
5. NO MEAT! until grad-g-ation. 
6. yeah, i feel like i am... you can decide that for yourself :)
7. eh, poor choice on the list... don't own one. ha.

so we're making progress. about a month and a week left. so i added one more thing.

8. blog more (as in a least 3 times a week) BIG ONE, i know (travis keep me accountable)

and then i decided i needed something to look forward to after i graduate and after i complete my list. ergo, another goal/list/check-off-thing


big scary, scary, 26.2miles-scary word.
yep, i said it. i'm gonna run a marathon this year. i have just decided this week. it's on my "things to do before i'm thirty" list, but i want to do more than one. so....Atlanta Marathon or the NorthFace Endurance Marathon, both in October. 

i know that if i say i am going to do it, i have to... i have all 3 of you to keep me accountable. so after graduation, i am going to start training. boom. 

here i go again...

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