Monday, March 5, 2012

oh well.

honestly it has been hard for me to keep up with this blog. with how much i time i spend on the computer, there is a very small desire for me to sit here and work on a post when i have other things i can be doing.

with that said, i am not quitting, because i don't believe in quitting.

but i think i need to find more inspiration to blog about. maybe i am just tired of trying to be creative and write beautiful prose for all my followers to enjoy. i think this blog began for me, and needs to continue to be for me. selfish kinda yeahh i know. but it is my blog.

so yeah. want an update?? i'll do my best to fill you in quickly on my past couple months.

went to passion. began my last semester of college. began working at cornerstone. began singing with Teacup & the Monster. began waking up early again. began reading more again. got another eye infection. kim got engaged. w visited auburn. developed achilles tendonitis.
led at Winter Retreat with AUMC.

break from running. w visit's 3 times in conjunction with family farm extravaganza. first time singing at Lee-Scott. second show with Teacup & the Monster. phenomenal ash wednesday service at cornerstone and the beginning of lent (no meat, no desserts.. yea). justice week with IJM and it was unbelievable. starting running big time again and insanity.

oh and new baby bethea was born!

morgan goes to atlanta and sees w. sings at cornerstone and lee speaks an incredible message about restoration. next week is spring break. as well as myra's birthday!

soo that's all folks. back to work on cornerstone stuffs. hope you enjoy your week. i know i will.


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