Friday, July 20, 2012

peace and blessings.

i say this a lot when i leave places... and maybe it's because of that awful video about Tina and Peter in the park. but it is what i wish on people. lots of peace and lots of blessings.

last week i was under a lot of spiritual attack after our breakthrough we had. i was in constant turmoil over the situation and my mind constantly traveled in about 4687 different directions. because of that, not only did i have a minor breakdown and begin doubting some things i haven't before, i started listening to satan's lies. which, in case you were wondering, is the worst thing you can do. after letting those lies pollute my little brain and my thought patterns... well you know. my relationships suffered. my sleeping suffered. my running suffered. blah blah blah. i was ticked. not only at this rotten satan but at my self for letting it happen.

but then i got real with satan, told him to back off, and let Jesus deal with the real issue there.

and that's when i got peace.

then friday night outreach came along.

and i was asked to second lead a team. which for a new intern is pretty cool. i felt right in the place God designed for me in that moment. the Lord led us to some people He really needed to speak with. we encountered some frightening things, and some of our team was a little shaken up. immediate prayer. peace.

the following saturday was a whirl wind. wake up. eat. throw on my running spandex. stretch out. hop in the car with Will. drive. park. run 12 miles at 11 o'clock in the middle of the hottest time of the day {we are great with planing}. drink about a gallon of water. shower. pass out. pack. meet two of the people who played a part in Will and I meeting. drive to the lake to meet my family at 9:45 and get there at midnight.


i think i could live there for a season or two. i have not put my pictures on my computer yet, but they are coming. every night was a showcase of the artist we call God. every conversation was blessed with laughter and joy. there were large porches, hot tubs, hammocks, good food, better fellowship, and bonding time with my one and only.

i successfully burned my body. {which i had not done all summer! yay for no skin cancer!} and my arms felt like jello pudding after a short tubing incident with my dad behind the wheel and three boys egging him on.

but it was worth it. and my heart was overflowing with thankfulness for the blessings in my life. for that crazy bunch of people i call my family. for my one and only. for where i was raised and how i was taught. for love.

how thankful am i for the friendships that are growing! wednesday night was a sweet glimpse into a promise the Lord has given me. i am growing more and more fond of this place everyday.

oh yeah. and i got a haircut last week. best decision. 

well now i am rambling. 

just remember to be so thankful for the gifts you have been given and show love to everyone.

i love you all.
peace and blessings.

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