Monday, July 30, 2012


there is something about being a girl. something buried very deep in the crevices of who we are that makes us love things that shine. maybe it is the fact that we long to be princesses. or maybe it has to do with feeling pretty and special. i don't really know why exactly, but that is the way it is.

girls like to shine.

and today i had the extreme urge to wear this dress to a party. or even just to dinner.

i want to wear this beauty with some nice red lipstick. and a certain someone on my arm. that would be marvelous. 

but i wonder even still as to the reasoning behind my urge for sparkles. someone told me i was a star. and that one day i was going to collide with another star and then little sparkles were going to cover the ground. 

you know, we sing a lot of songs about love shining and love being bright. maybe those sparkles are little love beams. maybe i am going to cover the ground and the people with love. i like that. 
and maybe that is why i like to sparkle. literally  i'd like to be so radiant with love that it shows through my nasty, sinful skin, to reveal the truest light love that lives inside. 

let's sparkle today. 

and then a little more about the L word. 

i found this gem. and i just giggled the whole way through it. 

i especially like the second one. it is so true in my life.


tomorrow is the official last day of the internship at NightLight. i am excited to see what tomorrow brings, seeing that is is evaluation day. 

i am not sure what the next step is, so if you're wondering, there is your answer. just hold on and i will get you an answer as soon as i know one. 

it's almost impossible for me to put into a few words what this summer at nightlight has done to me. it has exposed my heart for broken men and women in atlanta. it has confirmed my calling to this area of the states. i am truly thankful for the prayers and texts of encouragement i have received over the past few weeks. 

but my journey with NightLight is not over. boy, is it far from that. i am ready to take more on. i am ready to keep fighting and sparkling love all over the streets of atlanta. one night at a time. 

anyways. happy monday my friends. 
peace and blessings. 

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