Tuesday, August 7, 2012


anticipation of pain is {i believe} the worst human emotion.

think about it.

when you were little, taking a band-aid off was terrible and horrifying. remember getting teeth pulled or your finger pricked at the doctor's office? yeah, i do. and each event was accompanied with tears.

many times we often avoid things because of perceived pain.

remember avoiding the break up with a middle or high school boyfriend/girlfriend?? do you remember how many tears were shed over that person, yet, as shocking as it may be, you do not even talk to them anymore. what about when you need to tell the parents that you got a ticket or failed a class? we procrastinate until the moment when it is absolutely necessary.

i also believe this is true when it comes to training. for anything.
some days i wake up, look at the schedule, and want to cry when i see numbers like 15, 17, or 20.
"why did i do this again?" creeps into my little mind every now and again.

then i take my time getting dressed. i make sure i go to the bathroom about 5 times before i exit the house. i suck it up. and i run.

once i just got into my swing and started running i felt great. the weather was perfect and my legs were doing their job and i could breathe the air. i ran 5 miles and got back and i was finished.
and i felt great. granted, there were a few lovely atlanta hills that were AWESOME and i thought i might keel over right there and die... but i did not. i made it and i felt awesome.

perceived risk. anticipated pain.

so many times we don't do what we should for those two above reasons.
countless opportunities pass us by because we are afraid of stepping out.
there is risk in waking up in the morning.
there is risk when you fall asleep.
there is risk when you do anything. and there will probably be pain along side it.

the Lord calls us into some crazy things. He asks us to act and walk through things we know are going to be painful. we see the stuff that comes with it. we hear the stories and anticipate pain. we scare ourselves. we listen to lies.

but the Lord also says He will never leave or forsake us. that His Presence watches over us continually. that we are in the palm of His hand. that He knows the plans for us, He directs our will and our way. 
He also knows our pain. His Son took the weight of our pain and died for it. He has experienced it. 

so why, then, do we get so afraid? why do we cower at the first thought that this may be uncomfortable for me? what is holding us back?

a wise person once said to me, "you can do anything temporarily". meaning, there may be pain involved and some suffering, yet it is only temporary.
the Lord promises that pain may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning. it's temporary pain.

and that goes for everything. for a new job. for stepping out and challenging your parents to walk deeper in their faith. for running a marathon. for getting married. having a baby. having cancer. pulling a tooth.

my challenge today is to remember the pain someone went through to get you where you are.
my challenge is that you step out in your faith and move a mountain.
that you take the strength given to you by our Lord and do something.
whether it is going to be painful or not.


my other challenge is this. 
how many times did you laugh today? 

we all need to lighten up a little. apparently, we are supposed to laugh 25 times a day. 

a cheerful heart is good medicine. 

and i dare you not to laugh at this precious baby....

peace and blessings.

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