Wednesday, August 22, 2012

water and cake.

a few weeks back when we were riding to kids club, we started a conversation about favorite drinks.

mine was simply
   good ole H2O baby.

i am a stickler about getting enough water every day {i try to drink at least 2 liters} and adamant about non drinking sodas. {sorry to all those pop/coke/soda lovers and drinkers... read the labels}. my parents get annoyed with my constant reminding them of how diet coke is bad for you and how they should be drinking more water.

i actually crave water all the time and my body has become an excellent detector of dehydration and such. it refuels your body and helps with concentration, mobility, skin health, and overall well being. and it tastes great.

but that's not all water does.

have you ever seen a wave knock down a tree or a house? what about a flood carry away a car? i've seen people walk across iced ponds and lakes. or swim in a pool on a summer day. and at the same time, they can drink some with ice inside their glass.

i've seen water make it through the tiniest cracks and clean out crevices with force. there are many things water can do. it can be three things, at once.

there is something about water that is so powerful and fascinating to me. and it's a characteristic i want to have in my everyday walk-

f l u i d i t y.

people are always telling us to be "flexible". 
and as things happen, you need to bend to fit the situation. 
flexible, makes me think of when i was a gymnast and  a human pretzel. 
but flexible also has a breaking point. 
a point where the object cannot move anymore,
or it will break. 

but fluidity is like water. water doesn't break. 
it moves to fit it's surroundings with ease and beauty. 
it can be as calming as a shore line or fierce as a monsoon.
if it comes to a point where it is cut off, it runs around the edges to make it's move. 
water moves. 
fluid in motion. 

i was reading in philipians 4 the other when paul discusses how we can do everything through Christ. and the author says in verse 13 {AMP version}

I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me; i am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency.]

and as i read this, a picture of water come to mind.

the world throws at us all these problems and issues and situations that we have the choice to encounter with fear or with welcome. a lot of time people get so scared of something happening, they lose sight of the promise of the Father.

He says we can do all things. not just big important things, but little things too. and that when these things come our way, don't be afraid! but fluid in His movement.

when we welcome these boulders in the way of our fluid movement, we have the strength to overcome. 
to persevere. 
and to conquer.
if we are flexible, we fail. 
         eventually we will break.
if we are fluid, we flourish.
         because we have Christ's strength.


celebrating birthdays is very important to me. i believe that each person only gets one real day to celebrate their life.

the most wonderful part about birthdays is that God chooses the day.

doctors always try to pin point when the baby is going to show up, but God has it already planned out. which i think is really fun. God picks your birthday.

and i think God likes to throw parties too. think about when spring comes around. creation throws a party in thanks to the creator. same thing with the first snow {... that we don't see in the South...}. it's all a celebration. and a reminder of our marvelous creator. i think birthday parties should be "thankfulness parties" because we should be thanking God for the gift of another year.

and by golly we should celebrate.

august 15 was my thankfulness day. including time with two precious auburn friends, my grandparents, yummy food, and sweet surprises by my family and Will.

there was a lot of joy inside me during this day. so many sweet emails, phone calls, and cards- i felt like my little heart was going to just burst with happiness.

but i didn't eat birthday cake, which, is one of my favorite things... so i may need to have a one-week celebration of my 22nd birthday just to have some ;)


speaking of birthdays, my baby brother turned 18 on Friday. i am very proud of my bro, he is growing up to be a very strong man of God. the other week our pastor called him out from behind the pulpit for being a leader.

talk about accountability.

this is his last year of football at TPS, so i will attempt to make it to as many games as i can. he is precious to me. so blessed to call him my brother.


things to look forward to:

  1. beach with Will's familia. 
  3. my birthday present from William and the adventure that include
  4. FALL is coming (in a couple months)
well, that's about all folks. happy wednesday
peace and blessings.

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