Thursday, August 2, 2012


it's august everyone. welcome; to the month of my birth.

tuesday was the last day of intern status. the evaluation was beautiful. my little growing brain/heart/spirit was looking forward to getting some areas for me to grow in. instead, i felt like it was Morgan Appreciation Day. never in my life have i received as much affirmation and encouragement as i did in those 45 minutes. 

so many times, we look so hard at how we can encourage and fill other people up, we forget to get filled ourselves. 

but i did, and my cup was full, and my heart leapt with excitement about the season that is coming. the Lord said that He was proud of me- He looked down upon me and called me His child and said he was proud!

and then the devil met me at the door.

things like:
 are you sure you are called to this ministry and is He really proud of you and what about this... or that...

and so i captured those darts and i sent them where they belong.
      the foot of the cross. 

but these two days the Lord has been showing me what trust looks like. for the first time in my life, i have not guarantee as to what i will be doing. i make phone calls and send in applications and have interviews. and they are all hanging in the air. 

but there are things that aren't hanging in the air. the things that keep me going. 

like tomorrow, i will help two of our girls move. today, i created another new brownie masterpiece {yea call me Betty}. i have a healthy body that is carrying me through marathon training {more on that in a second}. i have a date tonight with my one and only. 

blessing are abundant. my God is faithful, living, true to His word. He is a protector and He wants to give me things, for i am His child, and a loving Father wants to provide for His children. He wants me to depend on Him as provider. and therefore, i have nothing else to lean on but Him.


running. we are running a marathon. it is happening in october and we are 10 weeks out. this week monday was 11 miles, wednesday was 4, today was 8, and tomorrow, 4 again. the legs are holding up fine. the mental stamina is kicking back in. and i love the time i get to spend out on the road or in the woods. i am no longer eating a vegetarian diet. it was literally destroying my muscles and i was not getting enough protein. however, i am eating more veggies and fruits than anything else. and complex carbs of course. 

it has been an adjustment to learn how to run in atlanta. 
so. many. hills.
but i am getting stronger. 

will is a good encourager through this. especially since he is running it too. mutually beneficial. 


i wanted to blog today because i want to keep writing. sometimes i get hung up on other things and i forget to write in my journals. and so this is the best way i know how to keep writing. 
i love it. 
it drives me to want to do cooler and more marvelous things so i can blog about it.
there will be better stories. more insight and more knowledge as i continue to grow. 
i want to invite you to continue on my journey with me. 
i promise you wont get bored. 

well, too bored. 

so thanks to people who have been encouraging me to keep writing. 
thanks to people to actually read this thing. 

i hope you are learning as much as i am. 


and i found this today.
it is now my inspiration for the month of august. 

peace and blessings. 

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