Tuesday, August 14, 2012

four eyes.

the year was circa 1999 and we still drove a mini van. a dodge caravan; candy apple red, to be exact.

mom was in the driver's seat and the three babes were in the back seat, probably drinking a juice box or listening to MIX103 or something like that. 

it had be a wonderful day. we had gone to school, mom had taught her little hooligan kindergartners, and by this time in the afternoon, we had been killed with turkey sandwiches and goldfish crackers. 

i remember it was spring. 

i also remember having to sit about three feet from the board at school. i remember having headaches from squinting. and i remember my teacher "suggesting" to my mother that we visit the eye doctor. 

that day, in the dodge caravan, as we drove home from the eye-doctor, i was sporting new glasses. simple little silver frames with a nice 4th grade haircut {which included bangs and hung right over the shoulders}. throw in a plaid skirt and Oxford and you got your self a baby nerd. 

but i was ecstatic. 

i remember it was spring because of the trees. as we passed a pecan grove near my home i shouted out, "MOM LOOK! the trees have LEAVES!"

my mom cried in the caravan that day.

who knew how long i had not been able to see the individual leaves on the trees. all mom knew was that it broke her heart that i couldn't see. she wanted so bad for me to be able to see what she saw. but i didn't know any better. 

now i am four eyes. but i am ever thankful for those glasses and contacts i have. i can see.

everyday i put on my contacts or glasses. and i can see. 
everyday i put on by other glasses too.

i ask Jesus, every single day, to give me His eyes. i want to see people the way He sees people. full of love, compassion, mercy. the Lord sees people and says "i want to pour my love out on them through you."

your relationships with people depend on your perception of them. how can we see others the right way? we must see them through the eyes of Jesus. 

in every encounter, i have to ask the Lord, "how do you see them Jesus?" 

God loves to share His feelings for people when we ask. and when we treat them the way God sees them, we bless them and obey our great Father. 

i believe the way we look at people, without judgement {if you didn't know, that is NOT our job} but with love and respect, can change lives. i have seen it happen. 


in other news, my William has started a new journey with his career. if you think about it, say a little prayer for him as his is making this transition. i am so proud of him. 

annnnd i am writing from my NEW COMPUTER! it's my graduation present from the grands. the burned beauty is now being used as backup. 

and this is a new baby we are so excited about! his name is josiah and he is one of the most precious babies i have ever seen. william did a great job with him. 


well tomorrow is the big day.

i actually feel older this year. not old like elderly old, but older.

this blog is really helpful with looking back and seeing how much growth i have experienced, how much learning i've been through. some really good things have happened this year. some marvelous things have happened this year. i have been tried and tested, i have seen fruit and blessings. i can sit here and write this and feel so much further than where i was last year. the Lord has blessed me beyond my imagination and my own understanding.

however, i am so excited about the new things this year will bring. the Lord has so many promises for me and i cannot wait to share them.

"therefore, as your received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving." Colossians 2:6-7

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DC Belle on Wheels said...

LOVE this story...love hearing it from YOUR perspective most of all. I remember your Mom telling me about this. So exciting.

Praying for your sweet William as he starts his new job. He will be brilliant.

So proud of you and the godly woman God is forming you into. What a privilege to be in the balcony seat for this ride.