Tuesday, November 11, 2008

day 1

it's weird that i am starting this in the middle of the semester. well really it is getting so close to Thanksgiving, so really, first semester is almost over. wow. i cannot believe that it has been this long; college is flying by at such a rapid pace.

i guess that is how life goes; as you get older, life just goes by faster. amazing though, this life. all this 'time' we worry about, this 'space' we deal with daily; in the grand scheme of things, in God's eyes, in His 'time', we are a mere vapor; dust. remarkable. astounding and abounding His love truly is, His presence is never failing, fleeting, or forgotten. thankfulness seems to be an appropriate attitude in my heart during this season of life. 

so here you go... these are my thoughts, my experiences, my heart... well some of it.
i hope you who find this enjoy, and learn something about my creator through this. 

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