Thursday, November 27, 2008

fire alarms

so the fire alarm just went off at the grandparents house. thankfully, nothing was burnt, the turkey just got a little too hot in the oven. all is well once again and the moms are right back to work in the kitchen.

as we have done in the past, once brunch is done and everyone has finished eating their full, we all gather around the massive dinning room table and talk. as in the years past, we go around the room, this year from oldest to youngest, and tell some things that we are thankful for this year. it was so wonderful to hear every one's stories and blessings in their lives. although it lasted about 2 hours, it was a blessing in itself and made me continually grateful for the family that i am apart of. i love them each individually, all 30-something of them.

so we just put all the food into the oven and then eat like fools. thanksgiving makes it hard for us who are trying to eat right. so mom and i will do our best. ha

happy thanksgiving.

p.s i am so thankful for my best friends. i love you and you know who you are. many thanks for the things you have done in my life. you are amazing.

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