Sunday, November 23, 2008

smoke and leaves

this is my favorite time of year. officially. the colors, the smells, the holidays, the weather. it is all perfect and cozy, and it makes me feel comfortable and at home. i love being home.

and so the wait is over, and it was so so so worth it. once again, the Lord's faithfulness outshines my own ability to do anything. i am so proud of myself... i know sounds weird but i did not think i could have done it. and i did. we both did. i feel stronger and closer than ever with our relationship. but mostly, i feel a new sense of joy. joy, not happiness or bliss, but JOY. a new found JOY from the Lord. i get tearful a lot more now. whenever i see or am given something from the Lord, i just start laughing and tearing up... it is such an amazing thing. really, i cannot explain it, something new inside me and i am shining. illuminating (thank you cornerstone).

thanksgiving is here and i am so thankful for being home. every time i write this week, i am going to write about thankfulness. so today, what am i thankful for? ability. i am thankful for the abilities i have to do things. when you sit back and think about every single thing you did today, it is a lot of stuff. driving, walking, talking, eating, singing, reading, swallowing...
There are endless things we do every day that we forget to be thankful for. so today i am thankful for my abilities.

i love fall. go burn some wood and drink some coffee and be thankful for your ability to do so.

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Hannah said...

I love this fresh and cozy time of year too ;)
I am thankful to have seen your face today.
I did. I burned some logs and took a nap by the fire. Blissful. I luv U dear.