Wednesday, November 12, 2008


who would have thought that my favorite place would be the library. actually, come to think of it, my mom would have guessed it in a heart beat. we have come to the conclusion that i am officially introverted. oh well.

today is five weeks, right now is five weeks to the exact spot. i did not know that i could do this. i didn't do it actually, Jesus gave me the strength to do this. the not seeing each other part has not been that hard, it is the not talking part. the not hearing your best friends voice part. the Lord has been faithful and taught me the most amazing things during this time. i have been so excited to enter His word everyday and hear things from the Lord.
i really felt that the Lord was asking me, "morgan, are you ready for this, are you the woman that you want to be pursued as"? the answer was a big fat no. the only way to become that woman is by constant searching, digging, talking, conversing, and walking with Jesus. He has been holding my hand this whole time, never allowing me to feel pressed down or hindered by my current situation. i have a new joy, new hope, and new passion for the will of the Lord.

in fact, tomorrow at 4 i am meeting with andi about uganda. oh that the Lord would put his hand in this heart and lead it in the proper direction. this is big, really big. i am praying that this will be an open or shut door. i feel focused and set so much on the will of the Lord that His plan will be evident in this. uganda is real now, real as in an actual potential for me to serve there. i am serving right now as i pray, but my hands and feet will be the physical reminder that their God is THE God and that he is MY GOD.

Jesus rocks.

p.s - sara is a blessing from Him. i feel that this is right and that she is going to be such an impact in my life. alpha delta pi is a great place to meet best friends. did i mention library nights are also great times to not do homework and whisper for 2 hours. talking about Jesus, ourselves, and our experiences, strengths and weaknesses. libraries are awesome.

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