Wednesday, March 24, 2010

into this.

i really am
a lot of things. this blog, for one, i am very into. i enjoy it. i hope you do as well.

i am also really
cornerstone. last night we had an amazing practice. as i had said in the previous post i had been really down. for no reason. i was upset, frustrated, and sad. i even cried [i know] to no avail. so anyways...

the next morning i woke up feeling better. slightly annoyed with school but that is normal. annoyed because it was cold. annoyed because i wanted to be annoyed. whatever. just decided you know what... suck it up, it could be worse.

and after that attitude adjustment the day seemed to get brighter. literally. the sun came out, studying wasn't too bad, and i ran [ if you know well, you know that it always puts me in a better mood] after the run and shower i headed off to cornerstone to an amazing practice. we just spend two hours praising the Lord and s i n g i n g and w o r s h i p i n g Him. i felt completely broken and empty as i walked in the house of the Lord, but He restored my energy and refocused my attention back where it needed to be. ON HIM. i was feeling on fire when i left the house of worship. pumped up for whatever the world throws at me.

i am
music. obviously. i like new things. new music. i am currently just getting into mumford and sons. as of last night to be exact. thanks to scott for the mentioning of this such band.

one thing that i am
that is really in me is my Jesus. today i He spoke to me in a different way. i was distracted and he pulled me back in. i was slightly preoccupied with what i thought i could do for Him, instead of what He wanted to use me to do. i know He wants to use me. i am an open vessel for His will. trust in the Lord with A L L of your heart. lean not in your own understanding, but in A L L your way acknowledge HIM and He will make your path straight.

if i TRUST and ACKNOWLEDGE Him, he will make my path straight. and He promises that [my] word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

checklist of promises:
1. straight path
2. lit path and lit feet [makes it harder to stumble]

what else does my Jesus promise? justification through faith [romans 5:1]. and PEACE!

so lately, if you are struggling with something like what to do, or where to go, or thoughts about this summer or anything... remember what MY JESUS promises. a straight, lit path, and peace to those who trust Him. have faith. the Lord is on our side. the same God that created that universe, MY GOD, is on your side.

"and if o u r GOD is FOR US . . . then who could e v e r stop us ?
and if O U R G O D if for us... then who could s t a n d against ? "

God gives the birds food, but he does not throw the worm in the nest.

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