Monday, March 22, 2010

saturday mornings

i was sitting in the kitchen on saturday morning after a short run. mom had made breakfast for the family, yet i was the only one awake at the moment. hearing the stove going, smelling the oven baking the biscuits, feeling the warmth of the appliances. there is nothing like being home and spending time there. i love traveling and going out different places, however there is something about the comfort of being at home.

i love being lazy at home. or being busy at home. this week was spring break and it has its moments of hustle and bustle, along with relaxing moments. i was able to travel to albertville alabama this week. and i must say i was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful north alabama is. i have always complained about living in alabama, but this week i gained an all new respect for my home state. albertville was so fun. i am so glad i had the opportunity to visit there.

lake guntersville

guntersville state park was beautiful. taylor took me and will there on thursday afternoon. pictures can not even come close to showing how beautiful it was. once again... i am a sucker for creation. i love when God shows me a glimpse of heaven.


on a slightly different note. today i have been a little down. i guess it's the weather. and then school.

but sunday we were driving down to the church to practice for mine and sara's retreat this weekend and i was in a terrible mood. i had no reason to be, but something was just eating at me. i was discussing this mood problem with taylor as we were driving downtown and i turned and said, i have no reason to be in a bad mood. absolutely none. look at everything God has given me, blessed me with, shown me everyday. why should i be down?

nonetheless, today, as i take a break from reading human odyssey, i am down. it is humanity. it is our flesh. but i am committed to something that is committed to me. i have security, i have peace, i have promised rest; but i am down. stupid holes. those gosh darn holes keep on trying to open up again. i know that God has healed them, i know it. yet, today... they're ripping at me. the only thing i know to do, the only thing i guess i can do is trust. the Lord gives me things, and although they seem meaningless and small, he still cares about them.

well that got depressing real fast. my apologies. however, you read this, you are going to get me; real-life me. and this is what i am going through today.

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Scott said...

Hey. I haven't been here in a while but I read your blog tonight and I just wanted to say it was 100 percent what I needed to hear.

I was in a terrible mood today and didn't really have a reason to be other than it's my nature.

Anyway God is sovereign and I know that but this was incredibly refreshing to read.

Thanks for writing about the real you and not the person you think others want to read about.

Oh and North Alabama is nice, you were like 20 minutes from my house.