Tuesday, March 2, 2010

marching on.

well its march already. i cannot believe that the semester is approaching the half way point. so many things have happened. so many awesome things, and some not so awesome. but one high point is that i have dominated with my blog. let's be real here. like more than one post a week. get it.

in light of spring, i thought i should do some cleaning. not like my dorm, but like my appearance. yep. i FINALLY did what i have been
wanting to do for about 4 years. i got a hair cut. seven stinking inches gone from my hair. it is sometimes quite terrifying when i look into the mirror and see the lack of hair. i actually am growing to really like it.

also, since it is spring, i wanted to remember last spring with a few memories....

beginning of spring break last year. beautiful huh?

there were a lot of fun memories from spring 2009... and i'm looking forward to making more this spring. i know this was short post... more to come later!

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