Sunday, March 7, 2010

my two wings.

friday night was formal. honestly one of the best times i have had (if not the best). fantastic venue, great music, and wonderful, handsome date. great time all around. here are a few pictures of the event.


well that was formal. great times. great memories.

mom had to go to south carolina today. she drove to atlanta and then with my aunt and uncle. they were going to the funeral of my great uncle sam. he died of a heart attack on thursday night. i am not sure all the details... because living at home i don't hear everything. but i am praying for aunt jo. she is all alone now. which breaks my heart.

lately i haven't been talking that much about my deep things. you know my insights into life that all of my seven or nine followers just love to hear about [note the sarcasm]. but i will go into somethings that have been weighing on my mind.

i have been praying for some months to find clarity in the Word. that the Lord would just open me up and spill me out and everything on the table would become clear to me. and slowly, over the past couple months in particular he has been teaching me so much. much about His character, and so much about His love for me. i am yearning to have righteousness. yearning to be more like Him everyday. God's peace truly does surpass all understanding and He gives us a clear mind and spirit.

i am hungry and thirsty for righteousness. it is what we get from God. it is His gift to us, a little picture of who He is; displayed in and through us. what a marvelous concept. how awesome. worship brings on a whole new meaning through righteousness. with it, we can be true worshipers. not only do we truly worship in church or while singing, but we have adopted a spirit of worship in every action, word, and thought. this is what i am learning.

and through school. although i am slightly confused about whether this is truly what i want to be doing. it is obviously what and where God wants me to be. for reasons only He knows, and reasons that will be revealed to me in time. this excites me. it pumps me up to think that the great plans that i have, are nothing compared to what He has in store for me.

He is showing me a little more on the path, and it is amazing. what a loving, miraculous, unchanging, faithful, generous God i serve. He is showing me part of who He is, through the things He is giving me.


i could talk for hours about this. but the reason my post today is called my two wings... say in tune next time to find out:)

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