Tuesday, July 6, 2010

friend time.

tonight i had the wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with my dear friend kimmy. she is a beauty. we watched the bachelorette on the tevo are her apartment, which is going to also be my apartment in a couple weeks!

i am so excited about it. we talked about everything we wanted to do in the place, what i wanted to bring, what we needed to purchase... it made us both excited. it is going to be one hopping joint come august. you'll want to be invited to our parties. they will be fun.


i talked to a friend about taking time off from school. logically, it is not a good idea. but when does your heart ever speak logically? i would love to take a semester or two off and go do mission work somewhere. i would love to learn the ins and outs of being a full time missionary. and really breathe in what it means to serve overseas or in america as a missionary.

but school is kinda important, i guess. not that it would not be worth taking time off, but i feel that i need to finish what i have started before i start something else. but we will see. the Lord can always open doors. or close them.


i think one of the most amazing things in all of the creation God has bestowed on us mere men is a sunset. today when i ran down gay street i turned to face the sun above town creek park. the rays exploded from behind clouds. the light burned my eyes and forced me to squint and place my hand over my brow. the sky, painted pale pink and blue, was spotted with fluffy cotton candy clouds.

it is the sign of an ending day, and the beginning of another. that sun has seen thousands of years ago, and it sees me. the sun that Jesus played under, and welcomed His days, welcomes me and says goodnight every single day. what an awesome concept.

the sun is a marvelous piece of creation. but, it is only a small glimpse of what glory looks like. we know that creation is just a picture of eagerness to glorify the Lord. creation will one day burst into worship in its full capacity, in of which we only see a small part now.

what a day that will be. when the sun sings, and mountains bow down, and the grass and flowers dance in praise and adoration to our Lord.

just something to think about.

God must have been an auburn fan....

until later...

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