Sunday, July 4, 2010

pink icing.

yesterday morning, mom and i woke up early and made our list of foods we wanted to eat at our dinner for the fourth. we decided on the usual: burgers, coleslaw, baked beans, and twice baked potatoes. however, for dessert we wanted to change it up. maybe be a little patriotic?

we came up with red velvet cupcakes (because cupcakes are better) with white icing and blue berries on top. red, white and blue. always.

well, we have endeavored to create some terrific masterpieces some might call cupcakes.

but mom was in a hurry while making the icing apparently and poured some red food coloring into the icing, instead of vanilla. ergo, we have pink icing on our red velvet cupcakes.

but, we just ate our dinner and the cupcakes were divine. honestly, the best ever.

so be jealous you were not at bethea dinner tonight. it was awesome.
mom, dad and i are headed to wynlakes to watch fireworks! more later...


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