Monday, July 12, 2010

green tea. shaken. not stirred.

i just ordered a shaken green ice tea. or however you say it. it's pretty good if you like green tea. and an excellent alternative to drinking something hot during the summer. so shout out to starbucks for filling my belly with delicious liquid.

that was my attempt at blogging yesterday. epic fail.
some days i want to blog my thought. the amazingly exciting events that make up my life. or even something powerful i read during my QT this morning.

however, the most interesting news i have for today is that i do not feel like blogging this morning. nor did i even touch a computer or camera this weekend. all i did was sleep.

so. i am going to take a journalism test in awhile and i do not want to do that either. so is life. full of things we want and don't want to do.

yet, as i am sitting here, i find myself blogging about this....

anyway. i am out. peace.

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