Sunday, November 14, 2010


tonight adpi's wonderful m.e.v.p., miss mary katherine reeves, made it possible for us to go see the new movie Morning Glory.

it was amazing. had diane keton, harrison ford, and the notebook's rachel mcadams. an all star cast if you ask me. the movie was wonderful and i would go see it again. i HIGHLY recommend it. not only is it inspiring, it is funny, and has some great life principles.

i normally boycott such things like paying $5.40 for a drink at a movie, but tonight i decided to treat myself. not only with the purchase of something obscenely over priced, but with a beverage i rarely (if ever) enjoy.


yes i drank a carbonated beverage tonight. not only was is carbonated, but it was a LARGE. meaning i took full advantage of the free refills. but i did share with my neighbors.

i will not lie to you, i enjoyed my sprite very much. i normally save the consumption of such beverages on special occasions like a football game and i am dying and water just isn't appealing. or maybe a ginger ale after thanksgiving or christmas with aunt pam. but NEVER just for kicks.

today was different.

and i loved it.

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