Monday, November 15, 2010

lunch. date.

every monday at about 1 o'clock i meet with sara for lunch in old foy.

we rarely see anyone we know, therefore it is a wonderful time to catch up and just hang out before the craziness of our week begins. today, sara got her normal chicken breast on wheat sandwich {literally every single time she gets this} and i settled for fruit {wasn't that hungry... } and might i add that the fruit i got was like $6.41. can you say overpriced campus food...?

anyways, we sat in our normal place and ate our lunch and began our talks. about school and how much we love it, about what we're not learning and about what we are, about creepy people {Jesus take the wheel} and about nothing at all.

we laugh a lot on these lunch dates. a whole lot actually. today was no exception.

today we learned we would rock at being guys. sounds a little weird? continue reading....

if i were a boy {i wish i could sing that like beyonce} i would rock at dating. seriously, i {sara and i} have it basically figured out. how hard is it really?

{DISCLAIMER- i am in NO way referring to a guy i {or sara} has ever dated. seriously, the guys who have ever asked us out have done it the right way! we are not talking about them, just all the other ones...}

we would rock. guys need to just ask girls out when they want to. stop acting like it's some big deal.

let's be real.

what is the worst thing that can happen? you get rejected right? well odds are you are either going to marry this girl or break up so there is a chance you're going to get rejected or you're going to reject her in the end, so why not take a chance, she could be your wife.

sara and i were mainly referring to guys we have watched mess things up with girls. just slight frustration. we laughed so hard though. we are sure the guys sitting around us got a great lesson on girls and will take advantage of asking girls out.

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this cartoon just makes me laugh.

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