Tuesday, November 9, 2010

au bon pain.

Over the past several weeks i have found that i enjoy spending mornings in the student union. thursday mornings i have breakfast with exec from IJM (International Justice Mission) and i love it. so this morning i decided to wake up early and park it in Au Bon Pain and eat some breakfast, work on some homework, and start my day with intention.

lately i have been lacking in intentionality. i believe we are called to live intentionally, with a purpose, and i have been forgetting that recently.

last night i met with the leadership of our small group at Kelly's house. kelly lives in a really neat house, it's one bed room and one bath but it has the coolest little sun room. we meet every monday night in that sun room. we pray for Oikos, we pray for and over each other. we listen to what the Lord is speaking through us to one another. it really is a fantastic opportunity to share and love on each other.

sunday night i had my Dgroup girls over for dinner. what a blessing these sweet girls are in my life! I have six 10th-grade girls in my group and they are never lacking in laughter, joy, and utter excitement about life and everything that goes along with that.

I love every second of being with them.

I am working on an alphabet project with my camera for something kimmy and i want to do. I will update more on that later. hopefully with new pictures:)

well there is a little update in the life so far.
I am enjoying this weather so much. looking forward to thanksgiving more and more everyday.

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