Sunday, November 14, 2010

blue stones.

the place to be today was most certainly auburn alabama.

the georgia bulldogs were beat beautifully today by the tigers and i must say, it was the best game i have seen all year.

thanks to some close calls and redneck football players, the 5 hour game (i was in the stadium from about 1:30 to 6:45) was an amazing display of football talent.

it is great to be an auburn tiger.


i always love reading back a year to the day of when i write. it is so refreshing to not only see how your writing has changed, but also how you have grown as a person.

i can honestly say that this semester, I have learned more about myself than i could have ever imagined. school is a different kind of learning. sometimes we just memorize and move on. sometimes we try to use that same tactic to learn about ourselves and about our relationship with our Lord.

however, this is not the way to do things. learning comes from experience. learning comes from exposing things you may not have wanted to expose, or experiencing something undesirable.

this semester has brought challenges and heart ache. lots of loss and lots of tears. but through it all i can stand and shout that my Lord has been faithful. he has continued to reassure that he is leading me through these times and is making me into the woman i am supposed to be.


thanksgiving is so soon. i cannot wait to see my family. i cannot wait to have a long break. and i cannot wait to run this half marathon.

tomorrow is a long day. as in long run day. nervousness is really kicking in about this race. i don't want to embarrass myself.

and i was reminded of my love for dancing thursday night. i was reminded that it is okay to be silly and have a good time. my neck is even sore from all the dipping and twirling. i love dancing. i cannot wait 'til our next function so i can dance.

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