Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas games.

we went to birmingham to see aunt pam and uncle terry for Christmas Eve, Eve. david and jenny, mark and brittany, chris, laura and little eloise came up to b'ham.

aunt pam always has her house beautifully decorated and arranged. no matter what time of the year, she is an amazing host.

her beautiful table.

she made most of these trees

and created these out of old ornaments and holly.

Every year we have Christmas Trivia. questions about traditions, carols, christmas movies, etc... it is normally terry's doing, and this year, the prize was a $50 visa gift card. so, as you can imagine, we were very eager to begin the game.

terry printed off questions and pam kept score for everyone. terry would call on everyone according to whoever raised their hand first. laura dominated.

but, as all Bethea's are, we were very competitive. and there was lots of laughter. and we were all more educated about Christmas.

Eloise was also there! She is growing up so quickly and had a precious little bow in her hair. we can lay her out on the floor and we watch her like shes television. i am excited to watch her grow up and into this beautiful little girl. and eagerly await to discover what she is going to be when she is all grown up.

we love just hanging around the house. normally a slap fight breaks out between my brother and someone.

there is always food and goodies around.

well Merry Christmas Eve everyone.

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