Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i just finished my mircoecon final and am so thankful to have that class behind me. my mind does not work that way. nevertheless, i am finished with exams for the day and decided to make a post.

my days this week consist of studying, breaking for meals, breaking for tea or coffee, breaking for anything, and more studying.

i am having my Dgroup girls over for our christmas party tonight. so i will be making a trip to hobby lobby in a little while to get some goodies for my girls!

yesterday i decided that i wanted to share with you some of my favorite things.

1. light. christmas light. i put these up during one of my breaks yesterday. it is the one thing in our apartment (besides my apple cider Yankee Candle) that is Christmas-y.

2. my Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket. i got this for thanksgiving (which was Christmas) from my grandparents. it is so soft. and warm. i love it so much. and will be wearing it so much.

3. these are my new Christmas shoes! got them from Rack Room in Tigertown for about $23! they are from x.appeal. great for dancing in too:)

4. these are my new Durango boots! i am in love. i wear them everywhere. they are so comfortable and so adorable. best Christmas present ( THANKS GRANDMA and PAPAW)!

5. this is my constant companion during the week. it's kimmy's coffee mug from cambridge coffee (which is no longer in business). it is huge (obviously) and perfect for my coffee and tea or whatever i am drinking to keep my hydrated during study sessions.

anyways. well i am about to head out to go to hobby lobby. enjoy your day!

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