Thursday, December 30, 2010


quotes are a great thing. something someone said once that was profound enough to be remembered and written down. and retold again later.

quotes are things you put on your walls. hang on your mirror so you see it when you wake up. you put them on bumpers and key chains.

quotes are reminders.

here is one i read tonight.

it's alright with the Lord for you to pray for a good harvest
He expects you to keep plowing

i was sitting in wintzell's oyster house tonight. ADD had kicked in. there were millions of colorful printed signs on the walls that had quotes of every nature. the walls were literally covered from ceiling to floor with these quotes.

an ADD kids nightmare.

but that one quote stuck in my head. i even tweeted it [lame i know].

but it is so true. and it shouted at me about patience. keep plowing on through life. pressing forward, not quitting or slacking up. perseverance and prayer. constant surrender and sacrifice.
and then the Lord rewards those who wait upon Him.

kids collect a lot of things. from little toy cars to baseball cards. american girl dolls or weeds. kids always think it is cool to have their very own collection. something they have searched after and hunted for, something they can call their own, and of which be proud.

some kids collected pennies. i didn't, but some did.
you find pennies in the most random places. in a shoe, under your bed, in drawers that never held clothes with pockets, under couch cushions...

you find them all over. if you just. look.

God gives us pennies. pennies like the ones you find when you are not expecting it. like tonight.

in wintzell's God gave me a penny. a little reminder that he is constantly teaching me. constantly refining me. reminding me of His faithfulness. reminding me to keep on plowing.

the harvest is coming.

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