Tuesday, December 28, 2010

organizer barbie.

sunday night after all christmas festivities were over, after mom and i watched two movies, after everyone had eaten leftovers; i got the cleaning bug. i sometimes get this bug and all i can do is think about cleaning/organizing. it is a rare occasion, however it is serious whenever it hits.
monday morning i woke up and began my adventure into the massive chaos that emily and i called a closet. i do not believe the abyss had been organized or cleaned since i left for auburn in 2008. and as i peered into this black hole i became nervous that i would not come out alive.

you have seen that show about the hoarders, well i promise it was not that bad, but in order to give your imaginations a rest, here is a little before picture of my "closet."

i mean this is embarrassing for me to put on here for all you to read, however, i need you to understand the gravity of the situation...

so after four hours of organizing, cleaning, folding, sorting, hanging, and bagging. three 33-gallon trash bags, and one bag of trash. my closet was clean.

i took the cloths and shoes and other items to the "caring center" downtown that our church does, and dropped them off for people who will wear and use this stuff.

made me feel like i was giving back after having received so much for Christmas.

but here is the finished product of the closet cleaning craziness.

well this was my monday.

after this extravaganza i took a shower and took pictures of my sweet little sibs before assembly! brought back memories for sure...

until later.

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