Sunday, December 5, 2010

keepin' it in state.

well WAR EAGLE everyone.
to be completely honest i didn't think we would ever see this day. if you told me in the beginning of the season that Auburn would be undefeated and going to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, I would have laughed in your face.

But yesterday our dreams came true. Auburn is going to Glendale, Arizona to play Oregon in the 'Ship. wow.

We are keeping that National Championship in the state, baby!!

on the subject of auburn, my little sister just found out she is accepted to this fine university. about gave me a heart attack. i cannot think of a more special thing to share with my sister than auburn. i will be a senior when she arrives for her freshman year, and it will be a precious year that we get to spend together.

i am very blessed to have a sister like her. we have grown extremely close over the past couple of year, despite the fact that i am in auburn. next year, will be even more exciting because she will be here with me. sharing, laughing, and growing in my last year, and her very first.

in other news, it is finals time. i have a final every day this week. looking forward to that for sure.

being the second week of advent, we sang songs at cornerstone about the "coming" of Jesus. we sang "come thou long expected Jesus," "oh come oh come Emmanuel," "Come Lord Jesus Come".....

and we talked about the meaning of advent. it is the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. so it is waiting. And Pastor Rusty discussed how waiting is when the Lord does the most work. He asked us to look into the Bible, and see that the Lord made the people of Israel wait a LONG time before He gave his promise.

Look at Abraham and Sarah with the promise of a child. That is just one example.

But how do we apply that to our everyday lives? Simple.

waiting is mostly the time in our lives when we feel that we are in a "valley." But pastor rusty pointed out that fruit grows in the valleys, not on the mountain tops.

the Lord teaches us to be completely reliant on Him. Trusting in every way. Sometimes, we "wait" for things to happen, or us to succeed, or meet someone, or figure out what we are supposed to do with our lives. Yet, God wants us to rely on Him completely, and then we will know when He is giving us what we need.

This was truly reinforcement for me this morning.

Thank you pastor Rusty for your insight.

off to study....

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