Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy weekend.

well my post did not make it friday, but here it is for saturday instead!

today was a very "domestic" day for me. i woke up late at around 11... which i have not done in a very long time. i ran 6 miles. then i began the work in the apartment. i cleaned and cleaned and did laundry and my sheets. then i ran errands and visited friends. yesterday i went out to emily's house and she taught me how to make "christmas bread", which is just like a cheese braid, or whatever you want to call it.

it's amazing. a sweet bread with a sweet cream cheese filling and icing to top. it is amazing. i really enjoyed the time with emily and ella! now i can take my new baking skills home and wow the fam... obviously it was a hit at 6305.

so about the thing i said i would post about... those devilishly good cookies.

they heaven in cookie. i mean it combines two of the greatest things... chocolate chip cookies and oreos. i saw this on food gawker and HAD TO TRY THEM!

so here is what they look like....

because, as you all well know, i am addicted to peanut butter, i used the last of my crunchy pb
in a couple of these bad boys.

basically, all you do is make the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chips bag and buy
a thing of double stuff oreos. and you are SET baby.
take and oreo and cover it with the cookie dough, bake it at 350 for about 13 mins... a little longer
depending on the oven :) and enjoy the goodness.

if you want pb, just stick a dollop on the oreo.. and then cover. it gets a little messy, but believe me
it is worth it.

ENJOY THEM! they are amazing.

hope you enjoy the rest of your rainy/ sunny day! i got cleaning, running, and baking points today.
that is impressive.

not onto a movie... i heart TiVo...

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