Wednesday, March 16, 2011


for spring break i am leading a small group of students from first baptist church montgomery to vermont to do mission work. this includes three junior girls, two sophomore boys, and two senior boys. there are five leaders, of which i am the youngest.

it was weird getting packed for spring break this year. all my friends were packing for the beach or Tampa, while i was making sure i had long underwear and snow boots. i have been wanting to do something meaningful and different for spring break, now i am doing just that.

i am sitting on my bunk bed in the calif retreat center in washington, vermont which is located right outside of barre. it is white. everything just about. snow all over, and very, very, verrrry cold.

but beautiful.

we have been doing service work the past two days. this includes a lot of driving, but the suburban s and holding up just fine.

here is a little recap on the first full day we were in VT.

we woke up really early to work at a soup kitchen tuesday morning, and fed 50 people lunch. it was a really awesome time...

then we went downtown and kinda shopped around. this is where i found these bottles and this AMAZING and SWEET looking peanut butter jar! ahhh i wanted it, but had no clue what to do with it.

after a quick trip to the grocery, we went to the church at east randolph, VT and chilled before talking with marty's friend. it was a really neat time for everyone to get to know each other, and the Lord and why we were there in the first place.

you could say some people were sleepy.

last night mrs. julie, marty's wife, made amazing pancakes, which i had not had in ages. they were sooo unreal. i think i ate 4 or something. and not to mention we had real vermont maple syrup. we also went sledding and snow mobile-ing around a field. it was cold, but a fantastic time.

well i think i am going to take a snap [short-nap] before we go out again today.

this morning we worked hard at a food band in vermont. it was so awesome, and although i am not sure how many boxes we did, but my arms are sore. ha.

well until tomorrow!

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