Thursday, March 24, 2011

wrap up: SBXI

i never finished posting everything from spring break. and this morning i woke up a little earlier to do some homework, only to find the homework wont load on my computer... gotta love technology. so i decided to finish up my post on spring break.

as you saw earlier we were in vermont for the week. here are some more pictures that i left out.

this was at the ben and jerry's ice cream factory. this was sitting on the counter... and i honestly thought it was real at first.... but payton helped me out.

see? how clever

rachel and caroline. they are beautiful girls. inside and out.

this is pickin' and lickin' marty. if you were ever on a vermont trip, you know what that means. he is the pastor at east randolph baptist church. awesome man of God right here.

while in Boston... i found this little stand in the middle of Quincy Market. it was beautiful and i had to take a....which i am sure i was made fun of about.

had to stop at fenway.... got a hat. hopefully terry and david wont disown me for that... :)

subway in boston.

almost died while taking this photo.... the yellow ones don't stop.

clever idea... and still looks nice. but if i did that here in Bama... might catch a few weird looks and remarks about being a quote "Red Neck". I dono... maybe

favorite part... boston. lil italy. it's amazing

tj odom. fearless leader of our group through boston. he was a champ. hooked us up at the right places. especially harvard. and the dinner. yes sir i will see you in boston again.


I love payton. he was like my little brother while we were on the trip. most of my pictures are of him bc he was just so photogenic. obviously by the photo above...

he is a sweet heart and i am really excited about seeing what he does with his life. he is going to do great things for the Lord. here's to you pay pay! dead koala strikes again:)


i have a wonderful post planned for tomorrow! a happy happy happy friday post no doubt. i made the most amazingly sinfully addicting thing in the universe. i know that sound extreme but i have witnesses to testify to it. i will share with you the wonders of my new favorite thing to bake. be excited.

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