Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mission: date to formal 2

so this is really late, but i needed to post about formal this year. why? because it involves baking of course.

first of all, our formal this year is held the same night as 4 other sororities. which means you have to ask way ahead of time to ensure you will have the date you want.

so i didn't know how to ask the person i wanted to ask. i normally do something with food, because, let's face it, who doesn't want food and a date to formal?

so here is what i decided on, with the help of my unsuspecting formal date...

they are the yummiest thing. a combo of peanut butter, pretzel and chocolate. here is the recipe. i found them on foodgawker with the help of my awesome formal date.

he did not know i was going to ask him, but did know i was going to try these little creations out on him. so i met him at the library, with goodies in hand. inside the box of these yummy things was this note...

and then on the back....

well, he was pretty excited and said yes! i am really looking forward to it. he is going to be a fantastic date [if you read this stud, no pressure]. this formal could be my last one. next spring i may or may not be interning somewhere and could miss formal. so you could say it's going to be memorable.

enough with formal stuff. i am about to post about VT.

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