Saturday, February 13, 2010

and it happened

SNOW DAY IN AUBURN. get outta town. thought it wouldn't snow and it did. i stand corrected. gladly corrected.

gosh i was so excited when i woke up yesterday morning to white outside. it was snowing hard for the whole entire day.

i started off playing in the snow in the area shown on the picture to your right. and then we piled in sean's car and headed out to samford lawn. along with all the other students in auburn. we had a good time taking pictures and throwing snow//ice balls at eachother. some were thrown harder than others.

curry brought a sled (which was actually a hamper) and we decided it would be best to sled down the hill in the quad. mk lost her phone, but no worried, it was recovered. sean and i threw snow into an open window in the quad. poor people who left their window open in the middle of a blizzard. stupid.

after more pictures and one violent snow shot to the face which damaged my retina, we decided to throw snow at helpless and unexpectant people. it began with chunking snow balls at people on samford lawn. this slowly progressed to filling the hamper//sled with snow and dumping it on people. this, in turn, led to standing above the downtown moe's, and dumping snow at people walking below. perfect.

as we were walking back to the truck, there was much untouched snow on cars. seeing a great opportunity we decided it would be the best idea not to allow this perfectly beautiful snow go to waste. we packed it into the hamper, and curry, lindsay, slay and i sat in the back of sean's truck; ready for action.

auburn did not see it coming. we were assassins on a mission to hit any and every person minding their own business while walking downtown. some playful individuals enjoyed it so much, they retaliated and war broke out. although our hands were frozen and we could not feel out toes, it was the best part of the snow day.

honestly, those few hours will go down as some of the best of spring semester. thank you for snow. thank you for friends. thank you for laughter.

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