Friday, February 12, 2010

snow? maybe yes. . maybe no

congratulations. auburn gets a day off tomorrow. there is a slight possibility that we will receive snow tomorrow, and because of that slight risk.... snow day baby.

i should be asleep. i am very tired, but i for some reason am feeling restless. so to channel this uninvited energy, i am now writing. yay for writing.

today was hard. i went home last night in order to go to harry lyles memorial service. it was a sweet celebration of his life and i was blessed to have the opportunity to be there for emily. she needed me so i needed to be there. still, the lyles are in the forefront of my mind.

the jackson's are also. it is so hard to loose someone. no matter what the age, circumstance, whatever, it is hard. oh but imagine not having the faith and assurance of our father. of eternal life with him. how different this process of mourning and grief would be. i honestly cannot imagine not having the peace of christ's promises.

but after class, dinner and a workout, two well played basketball games and some quality time with my future and current roommates, the day improved immensely. some dark chocolate covered raisins helped too. they are a new little favorite of mine:)

well... it is late. and there is a winter weather warning for tomorrow. what a wonderful way to start a weekend. who would not want to wake up to white? well we will wait and watch. wow. alliteration? yes. you are welcome.

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