Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i am getting a little better about blogging. it's becoming a lot more fun for me to write now that there are other people than my mother reading this. ha.

could not sleep last night. which is normally not a problem for me. i always fall asleep quickly and more often than not, in places or at times that are unplanned. but last night was different. everything that has been weighing on my mind was yelling at me whilst attempting to fall asleep. they were screaming for me to pay them each equal attention. which, was not easy. my heart is heavy and my days have been long. i've been thinking too much...

i am probably heading back home tonight after chapter. tomorrow is the memorial service for harry lyles. i feel like i should be there for that. i would also like to see my siblings, since i haven't since i came back in january.

i lit a candle monday in our dorm... which is against the rules. shhhh don't tell. it did make the whole place smell so much better. and not to mention it truly added to the v-day celebration going on in our room. fran's wonderful mother has sent printed heart styrofoam cups, heart shaped cinnamon candies, a dancing dog that sings the temptations. oh and i better not leave out the amazing little red velvet cupcakes she baked for us. oh my gosh so good. we ate so many.

oh valentines.

BIG EVENT was a successful day for me. i froze, but painted ms. delamar's house and enjoyed her two little girl's company. princess bridget was absolutely precious. i had frost bite and had to run around the cars to warm my body. but it was well worth the cold. i love that auburn does that. just another reason why auburn truly is the loveliest village. ever.

yesterday, studying consumed the majority of my time. slay and i spent many hours going over biology. we feel that we did alright and are trying not to be over confident. but we will see how our hard work paid off tomorrow. and although the weather and me thoughts were trying to bring me down, his yellow shirt saved the day!

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