Thursday, February 25, 2010

mission: date to formal

it is spring semester and with that comes adpi's spring formal. and in light of the fact that females rarely have the opportunity to initiate something with a male, our sex tends to go all out in the act of asking. oh it is fun to sit around thinking of cleaver little ways of going about it. scavenger hunts, cards, poems, balloon popping, you name it; we've thought about it.

this year, i did not go as extreme as last year. but i must say my skills were used. cupcakes are a perfect way to ask someone to formal. why? they serve two practical purposes; 1. they look good and are easy to write on, 2. you can eat them. i think the latter of the two is the best.

this was my idea. mk came up with another well thought out way to ask her date to formal. using the letters of his fraternity and make an acrostic. great plan.

we had a marvelous adventure and we both have fantastic dates! whooh formal.

today i was a little bored and i copied kimmy and looked up what is exciting about my birthday. it is best friends day. so you really have no excuse to not celebrate my birthday with me. especially if you call me your best friend ...

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its not a poem