Wednesday, February 17, 2010


the other day i was reading brian johnson's blog called cleanstraightlines. brian is our lead worshiper at cornerstone and he is very blessed in doing so. congregational worship can be hard, and he has been truly blessed with ease and comfort through it. but anyways,he showed a little video he had made about uganda and our partnership with them. i literally cried as i watched the images passing over my computer screen. i saw my children. my brothers and sisters, my family. images i will never forget from last summer came back like it was yesterday. this did not help with my desire to be back there.

i love africa. and i need africa more than it needs me. i miss the people there and i desire to be rejoined with them soon. i know that it is in the Father's hands, but i hope that He sends me soon. i am ready, willing, and eager. so if you think about africa, pray for me. pray for the people.

today was the beginning of lent, ask wednesday. so i gave up some things and am adding new things in. i will post about those things later on.

but honestly, this week has been fantastic. God is showing me things and giving me things beyond my understanding and comprehension. i knew the Lord would bless me, for he promises he will, however. i did not even imagine his blessings would be as marvelous as they are. He does give us a peace that surpasses all understanding. and when you tell him the desires of your heart, he gives. what a powerful thing. i could go on for days.

well i need sleep. lots. of sleep.

read 1 peter tonight. it is precious goodness from Christ.

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Anonymous said...

DIdn't know you were blogging to read it! You are precious to me. Mom